Mum and daughter dubbed ‘Real life Rapunzels’ have four feet of hair between them

Full-time mum Jordan Marie Horton, 25, from Dudley, shares an extensive hair care routine daughter Autum-Lily, seven, with their curly locks measuring a combined 49 inches

A mum and daughter who have a combined four feet of hair have been dubbed the real life Rapunzels for their long locks.

Jordan Marie Horton, 25, shares an extensive hair care routine daughter Autum-Lily, seven, whose hair measures at a lengthy 26 inches – sharing a total of 49 inches between them.

The pair, from Dudley, West Midlands, both sport curly locks that require several different products to maintain and can take as long as two hours to wash and style.

Little Autum-Lily has been dubbed a real life Rapunzel as her stunning locks flow all the way down her back.

But mum Jordan isn’t far behind her, as her hair measures at a whopping 23 inches.

The full-time mum, said: “She didn’t have a lot of hair until she turned one and then we started to notice the little curls on her head.

“It started coming through really thick and long and we realised she had the exact same hair type as me.

“Her hair goes all the way down to her hips – she doesn’t mind getting her hair cut but I want her to keep growing it because it’s so beautiful.

“We get stopped quite a lot and people always comment on her hair – they can’t believe how curly and long it is.

“We use the My Little Coco shampoo and conditioner and the curly custard but it can take a while to wash because of how long it is – we both have the same hair care routine.

“We only ever comb it when it’s wet otherwise it’ll go frizzy and we have to let it air dry.

“Mine is half way down my back and hers goes right down to her hips.

“A lot of children want to touch her hair – she’s known as Autum with the crazy hair!”